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Appeal on Bawden map
Friday, 21 October 2011

The Friends of Scarborough Library have launched an appeal to restore the famous map of the town created by artist Edward Bawden.

Once displayed prominently in the entrance to the children’s section of the Library, the map fascinated with its detail and intricacy, but sadly, when the entrance to the children’s library fell into disuse, the map became a hidden treasure, nestling on a wall behind stacks of boxes. The map is now deteriorating badly, and needs restoration and professional reframing to ensure its survival. 

The map was originally commissioned in 1931 by local hotelier Tom Laughton for The Pavilion Hotel in Scarborough. It is an original work by Edward Bawden, CBE, RA and is based on the 1926 ordnance survey map of Scarborough.  In 1961, when Laughton sold The Pavilion Hotel, he presented the map to Scarborough Library. Given the fate of The Pavilion Hotel (demolished), the Friends feel obliged to take responsibility for the care of this
beautiful artwork which hung on its walls for 30 years.  

The Friends of Scarborough Library have launched an appeal for funding to restore the map, and to ensure that its future safety and care is secured. If enough can be raised to restore the map, it will be reframed and relocated on the first floor crush suite. The total cost will be about £1,800.

Any donations, either cash or cheques (made payable to “Friends of Scarborough Library”) can be posted to: 

Colin Langford, Friends of Scarborough Library,  Vernon Road,
Scarborough, YO11 2NN  

or handed in at the reception desk in the Reference Library.  


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